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Parker’s Industrial Gas Filtration and Generation Division redefines compressed air treatment and gas generation with premier solutions.
The vast product line includes compressed air filters, condensate
management products, refrigerated and desiccant air dryers,
breathing air purifiers, nitrogen gas generators, process water chillers
and CO2 quality incident protection systems.

Industrial Nitrogen Gas Generators

Approximately 90% of the global consumption of nitrogen is supplied traditionally in the form of gas cylinders, or as a liquid in mini tanks or large bulk liquid storage vessels. With traditional methods of gas supply, users are responsible for hidden extra costs such as cylinder rental, delivery and administration charges on top of the headline gas price.

Additionally, traditional gas supply methods result in waste. Liquid boil-off from dewars vents expensive gas into the atmosphere, and approximately 10% of the gas in every cylinder is returned to the supplier unused. When the true costs are accounted for, on-site gas generation is the most economical source of nitrogen. Subsequently, nitrogen gas generators give users control over their gas pressure, purity and flowrate and minimize production downtime due to the permanent availability of an on-demand nitrogen supply.

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