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The Smog-Hog PSG mist collector eliminates mist and smoke from kitchen emissions and industrial processes. This heavy-duty fume collector can be mounted inside or outside a facility and customized to fit your building’s requirements.

The Smog-Hog PSG system uses electrostatic precipitation (ESP), to trap contaminants on collection cells. For routine maintenance, the PSG’s much lighter and easier to remove than other systems on the market. Also, there’s no need for costly filter replacements; just routine service cleanings are required.

Air volumes range from 825 CFM to 22,000 CFM

Features & Benefits

  • Collection Cells—Capture electrostatically charged particles like a magnet.
  • Welded Cabinet—Constructed of 16-gauge steel with hinged doors to provide access to collection components.
  • Control Panel—Single or separate panels can operate all equipment functions.
  • Odor Control Module—Allows for high filtration efficiency of gaseous odors.
  • Power Pack—Ensures maximum, continual collection with UL electronic circuitry.

How It Works

The PSG mist collector uses electrostatic precipitation technology (ESP) to capture harmful particles. Dirty air enters the unit through an inlet plenum with baffle pre-filters. The pre-filters trap large contaminants as well as evenly distributes the air stream at a controlled velocity. As air moves through the system, ESP electrically charges particles. The charged particles are then removed by collection plates, and cleaned air is exhausted outdoors.

Smog-Hog/ESP Mist Collectors

SSmog-Hog ESP Mist Collectorsmog-Hog mist/fume collectors are the most effective electrostatic precipitators (ESP) on the market today. By electronically charging both large and microscopic contaminants, these systems capture impurities like a magnet in collection cells.


Smog-Hog Installations include AOL Time Warner, Comcast, McDonald’s, Dave & Busters, ESPN, Goldman Sachs, Google Corporate, KFC, Philadelphia Airport, Rockefeller Center, Westin Hotel, Yankee Stadium and more… Click the pins to view locations. Double Click to zoom. Click and drag to move the map.

AOL Time Warner

Citibank Headquarters

Comcast Building

Dave & Buster's

Espn Zone

The Food Emporium

Food Emporium

Food Emporium

Fresco on the Go

Fresh Fields

Goldman Sachs & Co

Goldman Sachs & Co

Google Corporate

Hearst Tower

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